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Braves and Company shop


Braves and Company shop

-crafted garments-

Braves & Company founded in 2015 by Stefano Angelico. The idea was conceived on a terrace in Greece in front of a good bottle of wine, together with his friend, Dimitri Terzi.


With a sartorial background from his family in Rome and with the long experience in making denim garments, Stefano, in cooperation with his makers and suppliers in Italy, decided to define his own denim sartorial look, for the contemporary people who seek timeless quality and an honest product.

To revive the eras when a garment had a real value

and to continue the heritage that got from his father.



Looking back in the past and following the craft family tradition, Braves & Co.  creates limited batches, knowing that high quality can only be maintained in small scale productions.

-crafted leather goods-

Dimitris, is the brains and hands for the leather goods. With the finest vegetable tanned leather, coming from a 200 years old tannery in Crete,  he makes by hand the accessories, slowly till perfection.

He lives in Crete, Greece and he is owns his denim clothing store and workshop.


‘Our customers are eclectic and search for essential timeless pieces. They know what they want. They don’t follow trends. They have consciousness and seek for high quality standards.

They buy less and better, acting with responsibility towards themselves, and the environment’



braves and company story

braves and company concept

no season


 A good quality garment is timeless, and its value won’t change after 6 months, a year, or 5 years.


That’s why, you will not find seasonal collections, rather outfit proposals. Braves & Company, brings continuously new products, keeping its customers updated. Something like the little boutique that people used to have in their neighbourhood in the old times.


Our vision is to create ‘characters’ and not just garments, letting our clients express themselves through our products.


All garments are limited editions, made with precision and love in Italy, by family-owned workshops.


‘We don’t believe in trends ’ We don’t believe in fast bulk productions, where quality cannot be maintained’’



the philosophy of slow

We come from the South, we come from the sea. We take it slowly and give the time for things to develop. The good wine needs time to mature, so does a good garment. The fabric and material selection, the time needed to develop a pattern by hand, to make trials and corrections till the fit is perfect, all needs time.


The beauty of quality and happy living is in slowness, real time of making things,

out of stress, out of ‘musts’ and rush.


People forgot how it used to be, when you were waiting for a good quality meat to get cooked slowly for hours, to wait for the coffee to be done, the tailor to stitch your garment...


‘To build the future, one must look at the past.

To go forward, one must slow down’

braves and company philosophy

-a brave world-